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Gallery Folders

Prized Work
X-wing by Blik1976
The Sith Knight by bluemist72
The Jedi Guard by Darthmaul1999
It's time for the Jedi to end! by nymeriadire
BobaHelmetWings by CJRogue
Head Hunter - colors by ZethKeeper
AniZoey by LordVaderNihilus
Clone Troopers
Trooper A281 Touch Up by FBOMBheart
Commando Down by FBOMBheart
Republic Clone Cold Assault Troopers Phase 1 by Comradesoldat
Commander Thorn and The Hammer by FBOMBheart
Fan Fiction
Star Wars: Infiltrator -6- by DrManhattan-VA
Fan Fiction Chapters

Mature Content

Mature Content

OC Profiles
Akiva by Eveeoni
Star Wars Important Person Arjan Oston Poster by DN345
Sora Reference by Eveeoni
Another Set of Eyes - Lady Knighted by Artifician
Cora realistic face colored updated by DaiseyMae
[SwToR] Tahiri reference sheet by NokaRi22
Uprising by Aphrodite-NS
Stormtroopers and Imperials
Star Wars The Last Jedi by krissdel
Commander Orson Krennic by DN345
The First Order by danny10117
Agent Kallus by Phraggle
Alliance of Rebels by ColonelFlagg
Cassian Andor - What do you know? by NomiDarklighter
Benthic and Edrio Two Tubes by Phraggle
Original Trilogy Family by RandomFandom12
39, Ahsoka Tano by RayneTheQueen
Darth Vader (Markers) by Easonillustrator
Purple Lightsaber by Neb-Storm
Vehicles and Vessels
The Arrival by Darth-Pravius
Bounty Hunter
Jango Fett Poster by Drum-Solo-1986
General Grievous: Drawn with Words by D4rthFull3r
Landscapes Planets
Star Wars Concept Jedha by GlowingSpirit
Star Wars Shoretrooper Helmet by CreativeProp
Unification of the Rebellion by michal4269
General Grievous: The Sketch by D4rthFull3r
Star Wars small comic - Vader and Padme by KatyTorres
Then There's These Guys... by 7hot-feanorians
Chewbacca by stuponitron
Waiting for the Mistress to return by WoelfinNishi
219. The Lucifer by BeeWinter55
Video Games
KOTET Our beloved Empress Vaylin by Kistehvost
Star Wars sketch - Vader and Padme by KatyTorres
Little Kanera by humans-R-superior
Sub-Predor Ceh'let - Rakata Plush Doll by Corvasaur
Custom Figures
Contemplating the Next Step by FBOMBheart
Figures Normal
Imperial Shocktroopers by Comradesoldat
Scale Models
WIP Wookiee / Chewbacca (Scale 1:12) by JannisKernert
Star Wars Autographs by CHCHcartoons
Bring Him Home by ZacharyFeore
Coverup Darth Vader by EnyaMahuta
The Return Home by ColonelFlagg
asphodelus. by avcasey
Darth Vader Being a Badass [Animated GIF] by MetroXLR
Luke Skywalker X Mara Jade Fan Button by LizRenKnight
Mature Content

Mature Content

Girls of the Old Republic by ZacharyFeore
Over Flow
COMMISSION INFO 2017 by Varjopihlaja



Star Wars Elite

Greetings and welcome to the Star-Wars-Elite, I am your host Sir-Saboteur

We are the Second Largest Star Wars Group on Deviantart.
And the fastest growing.

This group was formed to show other people your work and to admire theirs.

This is an official group for star wars fans, and is dedicated to all things Star Wars. The group is open to everyone that joins.

Just about everything has a place here; be it Mandalorians, Clone Troopers, Stormtroopers, Jedi, Sith, Rebels, OCs, Vehicles, Ships, Weapons, Blasters, Lightsabers, and much more in the ways of Star Wars.

I have a bunch of folders here for most everything, but if there isn't one for your type of artwork, let me know and I'll make a folder.


The purposes of this group are several things:
:bulletblue: To see other peoples work and for them to see yours.
:bulletblue: Improvement: I encourage the critique of other people’s work. Give them advice so they can improve their work
:bulletblue: To express your love for star wars
:bulletblue: Interacting- I encourage you to have discussions and to communicate with your fellow deviants.

:bulletgreen: If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the group, please feel free to tell me your thoughts.

:bulletgreen: Questions- If there’s something you’re not sure of, ask me I’d be happy to answer them.




****Violators will be thrown into the Rancor pit.****

:bulletpurple: Featured- The only thing in here our discussion board for any ideas you may have for me about the group

:bulletpurple: Prized Work You can put ONE piece in here, the one you like or cherish the most.

:bulletpurple: Mandalorians

:bulletpurple: Clone Troopers

:bulletpurple: Fan Fiction- Your own stories. STORIES ONLY PLEASE!

:bulletpurple: Fan Fiction Chapters- Stories that have multiple parts/chapters.

:bulletpurple: OC Profile Folder- Basically the profile of your character. This
includes: Personality, Biography, History, and more or less
things about your character. Drawing not required.
*If these things are not there, it will be moved to the folder

:bulletpurple: OC- This folder is for anything else that has to do with your OCs should be put in here.

:bulletpurple: Stormtroopers and Imperials

:bulletpurple: Rebels

:bulletpurple: Jedi

:bulletpurple: Sith

:bulletpurple: Weapons- Blasters, Blades, Lightsabers, ETC.

:bulletpurple: Vehicles and Vessels- Everything from walkers to starships

:bulletpurple: Bounty Hunters

:bulletpurple: Droids

:bulletpurple: Landscapes/Planets- Planets, Maps, Landscapes, Space, space docks, forts, barracks, etc.

:bulletpurple: Cosplay

:bulletpurple: Republic- Any thing else to do with the Republic goes here. Things like Republic Senators and Non-Clone Military Personal.

:bulletpurple: Separatists- Anything Separatist goes here. Ex: General Grievous, Separatist Senators. Note: Battle Droids go in the Droids folder.

:bulletpurple: Comics- ANYTHING in comic book form.

:bulletpurple: Humor- The Funny/Humorous things go here.

:bulletpurple: Aliens- Self-explanatory

:bulletpurple: Creatures- Everything creature goes here.

:bulletpurple: Other- Miscellaneous stuff

:bulletpurple: Crossovers- It depends on what it is.

:bulletpurple: Video Games- Any shots from the video games should go here.

:bulletpurple: Sketches- This is for the most part, simple doodles, but also MOST pencil works.

:bulletpurple: Chibis- Everything Chibi goes here.

:bulletpurple: Crafts- Any other craft works you’ve done.
*Note: this is not cosplay related

:bulletpurple: Custom figures- For custom figures you made.

:bulletpurple: Figures (Normal)- this folder is for uncustomized figures. This includes Hasbro figures, Lego figures, figuer battle scenes, etc.

:bulletpurple: Scale Models- For scale models and model kits

:bulletpurple: Photos- This is the Photo section for the pictures you take of events and such.
*Note: this is not cosplay related

:bulletpurple: Posters- A folder for posters and anything in poster form. If it looks like it should be hung up on the wall or nailed it to a post, it goes here.

:bulletpurple: Tattoos- This is where you can show off your ink.

:bulletpurple: Media- Things like video games shots from SWTOR, Television shots like The Clone Wars, Screen shots, and Movie pics, this includes anything that is edited over or has a caption.

:bulletpurple: Couples- This folder is for couples and fan parings.

:bulletpurple: Stamps- Self-Explanatory.
*Note: Regardless of relation to other folders, ALL STAMPS GO HERE.

:bulletpurple: Mature Content- What can I say, people like it, so why not. If is is marked as mature content, put it in this folder only please. Please use discretion in these as they should be artistic above all else.

:bulletpurple: Over Flow- This is the folder that I will move most of the stuff to from an art dump/art bombing. Hence the title overflow.
*If you want it to be moved back, give me something to change. The purpose of the Over Flow folder is to help keep the other folders more diverse.


*** If you put a deviation in the wrong folder, please let me know and I'll take care of it.

***If you are still unsure where to put it, ask me.



If there is an issue with any of these things, please report it to me.

:bulletgreen: The art must be Star Wars related. This is a Star Wars after all.

:bulletgreen: Art Theft will not be tolerated. This is a group for fans to show their OWN work.

:bulletgreen: No art bashing and insults. This is a place to encourage people, build them up, not tear them down.

:bulletgreen: Please submit to the right folder. If is is submitted to the incorrect folder, it will be removed, and it will need to be resubmitted to the correct folder.

Keep it civil and Have Fun.

Look at other people's stuff, give advice and suggestions, and overall, enjoy!





Just a notice, after it was requested by a number of people I have increased the daily submission to 5 and will see how it goes.

Also we just passed 5,000 members. Cheers!
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Milojoe Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016
Gun-B Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016  Professional General Artist
Hi! I've made a drawing of Rey and i don't know how to publish it here, so if you like to have a look on it, it's the first on my gallery..
Nermsters Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I had a question for Star Wars fans! I plan on making a role-play group in the near future...However I am uncertain if I should only draw from material considered canon, or from the 'legends' non canon material as well?

Particularly with the skill tree, if i should include 'non canon' force abilities. Let me know what you guys think, personal opinions and such on the matter!
dashaflash1 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Try take most things from canonical sources, but add a little bit of non canon 'legends', like i :love: how Luke turns to the dark side briefley in SW Legends
Nighteba Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for adding my drawing! :)
bf5kid Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015
Can anyone please help me with these two things it would be a big help to me……
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Anyone here mind if I join?
InpuUpUaut Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015  Student General Artist
That guy by InpuUpUaut
Entropician Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015  Professional General Artist
HI, I should like submit my artowork on kylo ren, but I'm not part of the group, can I submit it from here?…

In any case, thanks for the attention. have a good day, bye!
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